Why Us

14 hrs marathon training programme for extra capable students

State and National Level Faculty

Daily 2 hrs Teaching[Paper 1 & Paper 2] of each subject

Daily Self study and doubt solving sessions.

Weekly Board based test [on the basis of NCERT Book].

Monthly competative test. [NEET / AIIMS / JEE-IIT / MHT-CET / KVPY]

Well equipped library

Spacious Reading room

Student appraisal policy

Student grievance policy

Timely motivational lectures

Subject wise club

Special Test Series after 11th completion

Student centric Exam

Sunil Mohanappa Padalkar - Director

First of all I would like to thank each and everyone for the tremendous response and faith that you have shown in Saraswati Educational Academy. Your faith keeps us motivated and drives us to improve and innovate continuously. Being the director, I promise to constantly work hard and provide an excellent result for the institute by providing timely guidance and making students work very hard in their studies. "Students Development" being my foremost priority i will do every thing within my reach to achieve it and in turn achieve your trust and faith. I fully understand that development of my classes depends on the development of the student, and i will always keep trying for the same.

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Medical Selection
Engineering Selection

MBBS Selection

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Engineering Selection

Foundation Batch - Qualified for homi Bhabha Jr. Scientist Exam 2018

Foundation Batch - Qualified for homi Bhabha Jr. Scientist Exam 2017

Foundation Batch - Scholarship Exam

Foundation Batch - MTSE