Why Us

It is said that The journey of thousand miles begin with a single step. This thought proves very correct in relation to the journey of the classes. Established on 23rd September 2005, Saraswati Educational Academy started with the name Saraswati Coaching Classes in Bajajnagar Aurangabad. Sunil Mohanappa Padalkar - Director initially started his career as a faculty in bajajnagar, but he soon realised the need of a full fledged classes in bajajnagar as there where none.
So initially he started the classes with only 9 students in his first batch. Instead of giving up he followed his dream and soon came the fruits of his hard work. In the year 2007 the classes received tremendous response from students and their parents and then their was no turning back. Since then the classes have only grown as an institution.
Keeping in mind the need of the students and parents as well Saraswati Educational Academy has taken various steps to meet their needs, such as scheduling batches according to students timings of college, starting installment fees scheme for parents who cannot afford to pay the entire fees, timely recognition to students so that they are always motivated. With all the efforts since its time of establishment the classes has always achieved 100% result in the boards.
In 2013, with the change in the study curriculum the classes has started JEE(advance)/IIT, AIMS, NTSC, MTSC, ALL Olympiads coaching as well. With the growth in classes and trust shown by parents classes now has its own building with fully functional with 7 teaching halls. These teaching halls are fully equipped with all the latest teaching equipments and study materials.


  • To give maximum knowledge and input to the students so that they become more and more knowledgeable in their subjects
  • To explore the potential of the students to the maximum by keeping them focused towards their career path by imparting quality training and guidance


  • Our vision is to become the No.1 institute of choice in terms of quality training, students satisfaction and results


  • Lead through excellence in the realm of academics
  • Nurture the individual through providing a relevant, integrated learning environment
  • Develop confidence and self belief in a student to attain their futuristic goals
  • Conduct quality training as per the schedule time
  • Prepare the students thoroughly so that they be fully prepared to achieve the best of their potentials in their examinations
  • Enhance the students skills inn their overall personality and behaviour
  • Maintain strong moral ethical and spiritual values
  • Create a safe and supportive environment where justice and equality are seem to prevail
  • Making the students an efficient resource for a future India